This is a small but very neat project, it turned out thanks to the commercial Director of Deora, who was extremely comfortable TK, at the right time, prepared all the necessary raw materials. Why am I mentioning this? Because, believe me, it is rare — well-prepared texts that are not rewritten in the process of layout.

This is ready catalogue

First, he took pictures of the entire line of cosmetics and developed several design options, one of which was adopted in the work. We have selected several models whose photo shoots are convenient for illustrating cosmetics. The peculiarity of the work was the need to prepare not only a printed brochure, but also an electronic presentation for sales representatives, networks and distribution. Therefore, the format of the catalog-landscape, horizontal.

Of course, the printed and electronic versions are slightly different. Despite the apparent similarity, the layout for printing is layout spreads, and the electronic presentation is intended primarily for the monitor.

 We printed the brochure on glossy coated paper to complement the design feature of the brochure-reflections on glossy surfaces. The cover was covered with matte laminate-this, on the one hand, protected the brochure from wet touches, on the other hand, emphasized the matte and clean skin of the model on the cover.

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