PACKAGE DESIGN. The cookies «Breakfast of Champions» 

One of our regular customers is engaged in the production of excellent oatmeal cookies on its own recipe. To promote this cookie, our client invited his friend Michael Koklyaev — one of the most famous Russian athletes, the strongest man in Russia, master of sports M. K. weightlifting, nine-time Russia champion and so on… I am Afraid that the title of Michael Koklyaev is the entire article they are really very much.


We came up with the concept of sports cookies for this package and tried to reflect this in the design, without turning the oatmeal cookies into a sportpit. Our goal is to make cookies visible among the snacks and biscuits on the shelves of the «Seventh continent». In addition, cookies should be attractive not only for adult male audience «conditionally sports». Our client believes (and I fully agree with this) that the Breakfast of Champions cookie, complete with a glass of milk, is the best Breakfast for kids and schoolchildren.


Did we manage to make universal packaging? Time will tell… the only objective measure of success is sales.

P.S. by the Way, the illustrations of the article are not renders, they are real photos of the packaging from the container sent to retail chains.

P. P. S. And photo cookie packages and photographs of finished batches of cookies made in our Studio

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