The phoneme of the name is made in two colors, the contour of Elbrus is enclosed inside the grapheme. This is reminiscent of the origin of water from the foothills of Elbrus. The color scheme of grapheme also refers to the shades of high mountains, clouds, purity and transparency.

The label has a full-color stylized image of a snow-capped peak of Elbrus and green meadows of Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia.

The image is bright, rich, organically fit into the product range of similar products in supermarkets and small shops.

Two variants of label

Version of the label «Phoenix»


Option «Phoenix» — refers to the history of the ancient city of Julag. The events of almost a thousand years ago.

As you know, the great trading city of Gulag on the Terek river became the site of the decisive battle between Tamerlane (Timur) and Khan of the Golden Horde Tahtamysha. After his victory, Tamerlane burned the city. It was not until the 20th century that the settlement of Julag reappeared on the map. The sign of the Phoenix-a bird reborn from the ashes and flames, we added to the monochrome phoneme decorative font, as a symbol of the revival of the city.


The label is made in the form of a gold bracelet of Tamerlan’s time. On a gold background labels embossed image of a dragon, usiwausiwa deer, as the analogy with the battle between Tahtamysha and Tamerlane.

On the left of the label there is a Golden bas-relief of a soaring Phoenix-a mythical half-beast-half-bird.

As a collerette in this version, we recommend a three-dimensional tinted image of the Phoenix on the glass.

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