This work, which I love very much, was commissioned by the Orthodox missionary Fund. The text of the gospel classic synodally. All the illustrations that are present on each spread are classic works of art that are accepted by Christian culture or written by Orthodox artists. I have not used contemporary artists with their often controversial treatment of Gospel subjects.

This is ready book

The text of the gospel is typed in large font, convenient for reading people both young and elderly. The style of vintage stylization with the use of graphic elements, scanned from the manuscript books, Russian books of the 18th-19th centuries. I tried to make a gospel that would be comfortable to read and pleasant to hold in my hands. I deliberately avoided similarity with the publications of the Russian Orthodox Church, because this book is designed for people, including non-churchgoers, who may be interested in Christianity, but are still confused by the Orthodoxy and traditionalism of the Orthodox Church..

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