We developed for our regular client of the company RUSENERGO corporate style, prepared printing products. Recently made the design of the corporate van. Task: to design a car that would look expressive, consistent with the corporate style of the company, but would not look like a bakery car or pizza delivery. That is, you need a noticeable corporate transport, not advertising-mobile.

Three variants of car design

We offered three design options. In all three versions, the entire body of the car is used. We fit his image on three sides, tinted glass, used in the design of the hood and glass. We cover the roof and mirrors with a film that matches the color of our design. Logos on the doors and hood, grille elements plan to make gold chrome.



We always offer the client two or three design options. If we are very confident that the right solution has been found, then there are no more than two options. Why? Because to make many choices is to make none.

It’s an old story. You see, there is time that You plan to spend doing certain work. This time is due to the cost of work. If you are a professional, not a student. You for this time you can do one a good project or couple of normally thoughtful concept. In addition, you need to prepare a presentation of Your work for the client. So he could understand Your proposal, not only to see the picture, but also to understand the idea. 

An inexperienced designer can make ten or twenty sketches and send them to the client. When I see such proposals, I say: «can you choose one good option from this?»If a designer scratches his head and says he doesn’t care, the job is simply not done. It is at first glance to the customer to have a choice. In fact, You remained at the starting point. And you can start all over again.

Therefore, I believe that the more carefully you work out your two or three options, the better you explain your idea to the customer, the technical execution of your design, the better the result will be. The sooner You get the final layout you need.

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