Christian desktop calendar. Design and Layout.

Calendar design is my constant project work. The press was engaged In the publishing house «willow». This is the eleventh table Easter calendar. Every year we do the design of indoor unit, cover and calendar box. The layout of the block is almost seven hundred pages. Always three or four design options, different in color and grid. One goes to work.

This is ready calendar

Illustration for the cover of the calendar

The 2018 theme is»Church tradition». This and narratives about saints Orthodox Church, and history associated with icons, and events life, which rather parables, than facts. The Church tradition is extensive, it is hardly possible to collect even in the multivolume edition. The calendar tells one of these stories every day. In its small format, of course.

But with illustrations for the case and cover a different story. We wanted to reveal the theme of the calendar with the help of icons, then tried to stylize the prorisi (canonical contour plots). And in the end turned to the modern Orthodox artist Boris Zabolotsky. Seventeen miniatures on various subjects Boris painted during the month. This is a historically accurate realistic watercolor. Each story went through a little research on the subject of clothing, interiors and surroundings. Everything is accurate, honest and beautiful.

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