Good job for a regular customer. Do you know what is good to work with a regular customer designer? Except mutual trust and other formal relations, of course. The fact that the designer is focused on working with a specific task, and not the search for color and font solutions suitable for the style of the client.

Working with a regular customer, you work on the design, almost without fear, vain options. You know what your client needs, you have a rough idea of what should happen. It is very productive and, as a rule, layouts for regular customers are better worked out in detail and in style.

This is ready booklet

We love minimalism, white covers and matte laminate

Someone will call this brochure a catalog, someone will call it a booklet. For one publication-many titles. But let’s not discuss it. This is the third (or fourth) pamphlet for equipment Beautyliner/Beautylizer. New theme in each new edition, new equipment and new shooting at the client. Each time the shooting becomes more interesting and better. And in design we are given more and more freedom.

A good example of a bright brochure on a bracket, the volume of which is only twelve pages, including the cover. We try to make A4 brochures in the album format to get away from the template solutions of the most common format in the printing industry. We try to use the layout of the whole spreads for illustrations to show the benefits of sixty-centimeter spread completely.

We love minimalism, white covers and matte laminate) However, in this edition on the cover laminate soft touche, soft and tactile pleasant.

Small details create completeness spreads-headers, columns, lines and styles of titles and body text. The brochure is easy to read and pleasant to hold, so our task is done)


spring, 2017

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