Booklet «Hopes of Europe». Design and photography.

Large square book size 270×270 (mm). On bronze bolts. This is the first edition of the brochure of the international festival movement «Hopes of Europe». It’s an amazing story, the movement is 20 years old, but they have never published a single publication about themselves. We have been developing the website www.festcenter.ru. And, one might say, became friends. The brochure is based on our photography of the main event of the festival movement — the great all-Russian competition of choreography and vocal «the Future of Russia».

This is ready booklet


The scale is impressive. The Palace of pioneers on Sparrow hills simply could not accommodate all the contestants, their parents, spectators and guests. This is a children’s competition, so children were visible and invisible) Children from Yakutsk and Abkhazia, Ivanovo and Kaliningrad. Selection competitions were held throughout Russia during 2015-2016 … as usual, after the design and layout of the new brochure, I can pour a long time dates, facts, figures) But since I shot at the competition myself, I confirm-a very high level of organization and very talented contestants. They say this is the only competition in the country where you can not buy a place in the finals for any money. All very honest.

The brochure came out well — it is, by the way, one of the few multi-page publications that we came up with, made up, prepared for printing and printed in a week. Express design by definition will never be perfect. There are of course shortcomings, there is problematic seemingly from archival photographs. But it worked. Fast and bright.

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