Here, this booklet is intended for visitors to spas or beauty salons, it tells about the possibilities of high-tech equipment. But we will not talk about these technologies in the booklet. After all, in the spa-salon the visitor is much more interested in beauty and health. Therefore, we are a few illustrations and suggestions will tell you how this equipment can help her. And her concern is two extra centimeters in the waist, and not the speed of rotation of the capsules of the maniple)

This is ready booklet

Printing of these booklets is the simplest-coated paper, low density with offset varnish. Of all poslepechatnoe — creasing and manual addition of booklets. We need a good budget option, so while no varnish, embossing or die cutting…

The development time of this booklet is almost two weeks. Three days to make two versions and a little more than a week for the client to decide on the final text and appearance of the cover).

Send a message if you need a good design. Now.

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