This simple light booklet prepared for Finopolis economic forum held in Sochi in 2017. The forum is organized by the Bank of Russia. Together with the booklet, we have developed bookmarks for the catalog with a reminder of the date of the forum and the main speakers, including Elvira Nabiullina and Oleg Tinkov.


We work with printing of various formats, but one of the most favorite is square. Square brochure square brochures always attract attention. After all, most of the corporate publications remain faithful to the A4 format.

This is ready booklet

What is more convenient than a square format, in addition to its appearance? Absolutely nothing. Except that the fact that it turns out turns «cinematic» type. Big screens, like in a movie theater.

This booklet is of size 200 x 200 mm. In reversal 400 x 200 mm, And the cover and layout full-color. In addition, we highlighted the speakers ‘ photos and bright red dies with selective UV varnish. The combination of heavyweight matte coated paper 300, and a sample of Polish is always impressive. Creasing vertically allows you to fold the booklet without creases on the paper.

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