And again Pro black premium business cards. Which can be very different and even, between us, not always black) As, for example, these business cards Data Pro. Hard classic expensive black paper Dorset.

What are they good — black business cards?

You’ve probably heard that Japan produces only three colors of cars for its market — black, white and silver. So I have the same attitude to business cards. Black or white with silver. This is a perfect classic combination of expensive and strict business cards.

This is ready business card


Even more strange is staining one side of business cards in a bright green color. But, after all well’! Isn’t it? And God help him that no pen or marker will take this paper and this painted front side. It was beautiful. Expensive, by the way. Expensive and very decent business cards. It is visible to the naked eye.

On these business cards: silk-screen printing on both sides, on the one hand full printing Pantone color (do not try to repeat it:). On the reverse side there is a two-tone logo and selective varnishing. Plus sets of business cards in special boxes. Plus each card in a box padded with white tracing paper.

summer, 2017

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