A few years ago we prepared the design of the series «collection of sacred music» for our contemporary composer Anatoly Kisilev — the author of many works for the choir. In a series of CD and DVD design, cover music collection, notebook and poster. Among the many works of Anatoly Ivanovich for me there is one that I listen for several years. It’s Stabat Mater.

This is ready book

Anatoly Ivanovich wrote his version of music on classical poems dedicated to the sufferings of the Mother of God during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On these poems, author which consider Italian Jacopone da Todi, wrote music many great composers. Among them are Vivaldi, Rossini, Dvořák, Verde, Pergolesi, Haydn, Schubert… the list is very long. After the music of Anatoly Ivanovich I listened to different versions, including, most commonly an executable version of Pergolesi. Don’t listen to Pergolesi after our Kisileva. Seriously.

Until now, unfortunately, there was no patron who would publish «Stabat Mater» Anatoly Kisilev on cd normal circulation. This must be done in the coming years — after all, the composer is not very young.

Send a message if you need a good design. Now.

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