This is the second booklet in such a non-standard format and style for Modern Machinery from Magadan, Russia. Non-standard booklet size 100 x 297 (mm) folded. In the opened form the booklet square 297 x 297 (mm). In pictures and figures it is not obvious what you immediately understand when you see the booklet — it really is radically different from the standard booklets in its size. This is a premium edition, no doubt about it.

This is ready leaflet


In addition to the size of the booklet is different paper density and finish. It is printed on matte coated paper with a density of 300 g. this paper is used for printing business cards, brochure covers and premium booklets.


 spring, 2018

In finishing, we settled on a selective UV varnish. Why? First, because it is in perfect harmony with the dense matte paper edition. Secondly, it emphasizes the beautiful illustrations — photos of accounting classes. In General, the pictures that come to us from Magadan are of excellent quality. Often it is shooting in quarries, hills with heavy machinery. Everything is very bright and brutal. In such a brutal and contrasting style, we prepare booklets for this client. His black and red aggressive style is perfectly combined with harsh landscapes and huge cars.

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