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What do we expect from the photo shoot or headshot? Beautiful pictures in the tape or photo album? Probably not.

We need new emotions, new experiences. Experiment. The adrenaline? Of course!

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Beautiful pictures in the family album. It’s forever. Every moment of our lives is unique and important. And not a single day will happen again. Stop this happy time in the pictures. Family photo shoot. Photo with children. Family celebration. I’ll take professional pictures and print a photo album. Happiness is forever 😉

What are we doing at the photo shoot? We learn to move, learn to stand, learn to breathe and smile. We are worried, nervous, tired…
Photo shoot is a real psychological training, test. The result? Self confidence. It’s not obvious. But every professional model will tell you about it.
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Portrait. Emotions. Noir. A style in which elegance strives for infinity. A style that I appreciate for its brevity and simplicity. For striving for clean lines of female beauty and male strength.

Black-and-white aristocracy is shown in the style of Noir with special distinctness. Black-and-white graphics and emotionality.

Sensuality and restraint are two sides of the same coin, which is called Noir. Two vectors of Noir — the two poles of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Thanatos and Eros. The eternal attraction of two opposites. Eternal opposition. Noir.

Shooting for theatrical announcements, posters and booklets. Soft shadows, soft movements. Feelings. Movements. Gestures.

I close eyes to hear the silence. Stop the passage of time. These are pauses that are as important in photography as in the theater.

The views that create the plot. Directions, moods, intentions. Looks and hands. All five senses and a bit of the sixth.

Lines, contrasts, geometry, and texture. The more factors you take into account when shooting the more professional the result. Professional-this is when the photographer gets exactly what he discussed and planned. It is difficult. This is almost impossible when you shoot story stories on the street and not in the Studio.

Beauty of youth? Yes. But the real beauty is the beauty of maturity. The charm of youth passes quickly and irrevocably. But the bearing and manner remain, the aristocratic grace and grace remain. This is the real beauty. This is what attracts the eyes. Causes of desire. Attracts.

This is a story from our photo project «Loneliness in the Big City». Different people and different characters. Different black-and-white stories. A photo album with texts and photos will be released soon.

I like shooting with a single light source. I like deep shadows-dips. I love the Characters that open up at the same time.

Body painting is an artist’s self-expression. Using a live mobile texture. Applying your emotions, your vision of the world a body filled with your own desires

This is an art project, an art style that can be used both for advertising and branding. This is the connection between creativity and sexuality. Naked body. Bright colours. It’s beautiful. This is an incredible experience for any model.

You subtract the color from the photo and get a completely different story. Unnecessary accents and confusing dissonances disappear. This is why they love black-and-white photography.

We like to shoot children because their emotions are very honest. Honest joy, of honest resentment, honest sadness. The reasons may seem ridiculous to an adult. But the child’s feelings are real.

And of course, there is hardly anything more sincere than a child’s laugh, a child’s smile. Adult games are often multi-layered, with a smile hiding equinox or calculation… The children are all honest. Laughter and tears.

Brutal style and Fashion photography.
We work with talented models and MakeUp artists.


Mood. What is important for a good photo shoot? Same as just for a good shot. Do you think it’s probably clothes or makeup? But Instagram is full of expensive clothes and makeup of all possible styles. Most of this content is absolutely tasteless selfies…

You need passion. Desire. Anger. Despair. Laughter through tears. That’s what the photographer does on the set. That’s what I do. And then, looking at the pictures, you see is not what happened on the site. Wonder. Understand.

The mood is what matters most. When you hold your eyes in the picture and stop. And you don’t know what you’re hooked on, but there’s something. Something elusive and important. Something really important. Mood, feelings, emotions. That’s what we all really appreciate. That is why we are flying to new York, Miami and Rio de Janeiro. That’s what we remember. And I honestly don’t know if there’s anything more valuable in life?

Objects and Advertising photography.
Studio shooting with different lighting


We pick up the thing that needs to be photographed. It doesn’t matter what it is now. It is important as and why. That’s always the first question-how? Everyone can take a mobile phone and take a dozen pictures. Billions of these pictures are posted online. Do you think they are interesting to someone?

That’s why I say «how» is important. How does this object reflect light, how transparent is it, is its surface smooth or rough? These are all part of the same «How» question.

And then, when you already know how to remove it — on what surface, with what lighting, what optics to use. You ask » why?»Because if a photo is for a catalog in an online store or a Billboard-these are completely different points of view. And your task is to take a picture that would be perfect from this point of view.
That’s what the two questions «how» and «why»are for. They need you to choose the right equipment and environment to determine the style and level of processing.

Sensual style and Fashion photography.

We work with talented models
and makeUp artists.


Conviction. I look at the portrait and see the eyes. The tilt of the head, smile and pursed lips-it all creates the image of a person. But do the eyes. And I always look for them when I take a portrait. I’m looking for a distracted and thoughtful look. Or strict and confident. Or heavy and hard. But always glance. Always eyes.

Of course, the classics, of course «mirror of the soul» and all the other right words. But photography is not words, it’s frozen movements, it’s gestures that we can only guess at.

Here, for example, you look at the picture and see loneliness. But in fact, a lot of people are pushing around, voices, laughter, children… But the moment when a person is left alone among many other people is the moment of truth. And this truth, reflected in the eyes, remains in the picture. I shoot. I’m looking.


Choice. We all do a lot of shots. And I click the camera shutter about five hundred times in two hours. Through the camera viewfinder the world is quite different. And I often really want to stay in this world forever. In the reflections of the reflectors and the purity of the cyclorama.

A good choice of pictures is always difficult. After two or three hours of shooting, another day or two is selection and color correction. And that leaves twenty good shots. And two beautiful. And one amazing. You know, it’s like a trip to Venice. A few days or hours, but the memory leaves a one-two views, one or two moments of happiness.

Photo shoot options.
Choose: Studio, your interior or city…

Outdoor shooting

Natural sunlight, beautiful parks, beaches and Miami neighborhoods seem to be created for photo shoots.

We improvise with the mood and surroundings, drink coffee, look into the dark far corners of Winwood or catch the sunset in the reflectors. Many options for time and duration.

Shooting in a studio

Professional photographer plus Make Up Artist. Flash, and art-light, creative mood.

In the Studio, you can simulate any story, no observers, no restrictions, no conventions.

In the Studio, you can create ideal conditions for a psychological portrait or play your own version of the Pirelli calendar.

Family shooting

Your place. Your family.
You will definitely be in a familiar environment. You can relax, you can not rush, you can prepare several styles and change them depending on your mood.

Too standard? The psychological comfort of shooting often means more than the right Studio light.

Ask questions
and plan your shooting

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