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Design in three-dimensional space

Office interior design, packaging design. Car or airplane design. For me, it’s all about spatial design. Graphic design is always a printed plane-it is always two dimensions-length and width. Spatial or 3D design is a design that exists in three-dimensional space. 

Of course, the difference between the design of the Bank’s operating room and the design of the exhibition stand is very large. but the overall approach and development environment connect them.

Design Concept

When developing the design for your project, we offer three options for your to choose from. Covers plus the internal block u-turn. All three versions are different in style, layout, color scheme and format of the publication.

Structure and Text

After getting your approval on the style of the brochure, we prepare the structure by dividing the publication into several sections. We create custom copy for your brochure or base it on your suggestion.

Pictures and Illustrations

We provide professional photography for your brochure. It can be anything form your products to your location. We also can draw illustrations or use stock photography.

Main specialisation.
Graphic design, printing design. Layout.


Logo design. All it takes is for the logo to exist in the environment. Color combinations, fonts and sizes. Printing technology.


Design and layout of catalogs. Photography products for catalogs. Different shooting styles and designs. Modern printing technologies.


Fast printing for fast advertising. Flyers, Booklets, Leaflets. Taking pictures in your restaurant, shop or hotel. Fast design — fast advertising campaign.

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