NYC. Group studio shooting.

Rabbit hole photo studio. Manhattan. Fashion, art projects, body painting.

Group Studio photo shoting. Manhattan.

Group photography in the Studio. Three nights a week we hold meetings of photographers in our Studio.
Professional models, makeup artists, and stylists usually participate in the preparation of a group shoot. The shooting takes place within 3 hours. We constantly change the light settings and use various filters and light modifiers throughout the evening.

We invite no more than seven photographers to our Studio. This allows each photographer to take enough pictures, work with the model for a long time, and practice with the light.

The meeting, moderated when necessary, we turn on the timer. Even a novice photographer who shoots for the first time in the Studio should get the maximum Studio experience and good pictures.

What’sApp or text for booking: +1 305 930 0345
email: denis.batuev@yahoo.com

  • 640 sq ft art space
  • Four different photo zones
  • Dressing room
  • Makeup artist area
  • Bluethooth audio sistem
  • Wi-Fi
  • White background roll. Size: width 107″
  • Black background roll. Size: width 107″
  • Gray background roll. Size: width 107″
  • Ultramarine background roll. Size: width 107″
  • Studio blue background roll. Size: width 107″
  • Continuous Lighting: Godox SL-60 LED Video Light (Daylight-Balanced), Color Temperature: 5600K. Three pieces
  • Strobe (Flash) Light: Strobe Light Equipment Impact VC-500LR Monolights (220-240VAC) Three pieces
  • Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid Godox 13.8 x 63″
  • Octa Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and GridGodox D=47.2″
  • Luxbanx Compact Octagonal Softbox Impact D=24″


Group shooting in the Studio.

Three nights a week.


Evening of a man’s portrait. We shoot a strong, tough, masculine image. Searching for the power hidden in the shadows. Looking for a man’s heart. A professional model participates in every shoot.

We shoot on a dark background. We can focus on shooting with one light source or experiment with several. Each photographer can customize the light scheme that they need. We help each photographer find their own light and style. More dramatic, more contrasting — good. More bright colors, filters-Easy!

An experienced makeup artist takes part in the shooting.


Evening of practice for photographers and models. Studio shooting with a new stunning model. We shoot without background. Steps, tables, sofas, chairs, columns, window sills — this is a space for shooting. Constant light, filters and modifiers are required.
We search and find light and shadow, mood and character. Color and shape. The art of photography. What will be required? Interesting and beautiful model, that ‘s for sure. Provocation-certainly. Emotions, coffee and good music.

Whether you are an experienced photographer or just starting out, take pictures. There is nothing more important and better than practice. Shoot a lot. Shoot in a new way, shoot what you like and what irritates. This is the only way to come to your style, your photography.


A little provocation. Some clothes, some accessories. Shadows, penumbra, mystery, provocation, doubt, temptation. Sexy bright models. Professional light, deep shadows, three hours of shooting. Author’s makeup from our talented makeup artist. Possible body art and shooting in underwear. Only professional models. We often work together with fashion designers and stylists.
Every Saturday in our Studio is an amazing story of art photography. This is where real complex and smart solutions with light and shadows are born. Art portfolio of photographers, models and makeup artists.

P.S. advice to novice photographers: do not wait until you are told what to shoot and how to shoot. Just take the camera and come to us. You will see everything, understand everything. And most importantly, nothing is more important than practice. There is nothing better than pressing the camera shutter to learn how to take fantastic photos.


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