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Booklets & brochures

Graphic design in Miami. Layout catalogues, magazines, news papers, advertising polygraphy.

I’ve been working with print media for a long time. With books, brochures and booklets. I make beautiful book covers, advertising publications that bring profit to their customers. I love paper, the smell of freshly printed books. I love and know how to work with complex printed editions of various formats.

My works come out in very large editions. Mostly in Russia, because most of my life I worked in design studios in Moscow. I make calendars of different sizes and formats. From large wall-mounted, to desktop daily calendars. It’s a difficult job and I seriously consider myself one of the best in calendar design.

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Design booklets & flyers

Invitations for holidays, small leaflets or flyers — it’s a matter of one or two days. I do small jobs easily. All you need is the correct text and photos.

Design & layout catalogs

Booklets and brochures are my specialty. Just one or two weeks for a 40-page brochure. Layout and design of printing, preparation for printing, illustrations from Deposithphoto — all this is included in my work.

Design calendars

I have been doing wall and table calendars for many years. In our digital times, these gifts become more valuable. Complex packaging and finishing. Gold stamping, die-cutting and expensive design papers. This is a complex and long work. But worth it.

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Miami, FL
New York, NY

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