Graphic design

I have been engaged in graphic design for many years. My major is booklets, catalogues and brochures.

Design, layout, photography for covers or catalogs. Preparation for printing.

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I have been engaged in graphic design for more than 15 years. I usually work with corporate brochures, promotional brochures and catalogs. I love editions on paper, I love fonts and typography. Maybe that’s why I make great booklets and brochures.

I try to choose my own photos for my works in the photobank. Or do photo shoots for covers and copyright sheets. In this case, I am confident in the quality of the source materials.

A design concept

When developing the design, we offer three options. Variant cover plus the internal block u-turn. All three versions are different in style, layout, color scheme and format of the publication.


The structure and text

After agreeing on the style of the brochure, we prepare the structure, divide the publication into several sections. For each section of the design provides some feature. Write on or edit the text on spelling, punctuation and stylistics.

A pictures and illustrations

We can professionally photograph everything you need for a brochure. Your products, facilities, operating room or front office staff. We can draw illustrations. We can pick up everything in the photobank.

Main specialisation.
Graphic design, printing design. Layout.


Logo design. All it takes is for the logo to exist in the environment. Color combinations, fonts and sizes. Printing technology.


Design and layout of catalogs. Photography products for catalogs. Different shooting styles and designs. Modern printing technologies.


Fast printing for fast advertising. Flyers, Booklets, Leaflets. Taking pictures in your restaurant, shop or hotel. Fast design — fast advertising campaign.

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