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As a marketing professional, I create content for all social media platforms. I provide Social Media account management, website development and customization, branding and marketing strategy.

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As a I photographer, I shoot emotions, characters and moods. I try to show people’s soul through my camera lense.

After moving to New York, I have been working on a photo project «LONELINESS IN A BIG CITY». It is my personal story about this city, how I see it through it’s people.

I love product phography, but I don’t do wedding photography. I love photographing children, you can’t replicate their emotions and joy.

«Loneliness in a big city»
The photo project in the NYC a and about the NYC.
Many peoples. Many models. Many locations. 


My relationship with typography started 20 years ago, now I am in my early 40’s


I remember the times when I made signs from metal and wood, when there were no large-format printing machines. I studied typography by cutting letters out of the acrylic sheets and polishing them with GOI paste. This was the time when my fingers and eyes learned the difference between grotesque, antiquarian, and the gothic type.


I bent the glass on the argon burner and breathed mercury vapor. My neon letters glowed orange and blue. I still believe, that the glass dancing in the flames is the most beautiful thing I saw in my entire life. I could feel the color on my fingers. It burned my hands. It felt real.


When you see how a huge printing machine pushes the paper through and you hear the roar of the press when it cuts down cardboard forms, and after that you smell the freshly printed pages  — then you understand that something new was born.

I learned this process so deep that I can do it blindfolded: just by smelling it, sensing it. I can feel the printer’s pulse. 

I could adjust the color by holding an open laptop in one hand, and  controlling the ink supply in an offset full-format machine with the other hand. Do you know any other designers that love this process so much and can do it with his closed eyes?

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