Professional Photo Studio. Lower Manhattan,  New York

Fashion and portrait photography, group photo shoots.

Catalog and brochure design and printing.

About Denis Batuev

I have been a photographer and a graphic designer for more than 20 years. Having worked on multiple projects in Russia and the United States, I gathered all my experience and launched a “Rabbit Hole”photo studio in Lower Manhattan, New York. We are a small team of photographers, designers, make up artists that will help your photoshoot go smooth. We host fashion photoshoots, group and portrait shoots as well as conduct workshops and master classes.

Our pricing is very reasonable.

Photo Studio, Lower Manhattan, New York

Professional Photoshoots. Fashion Photography. Portrait Photography. Headshots. Family Portraits. Workshops. Classes. Space Rental.

Fashion photography

Our team has been working  with different fashion designers, influencers to create a custom content for their fashion photoshoot. We offer location shoots anywhere in New York and Miami.
Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

Photography and Graphic Design

Hire our team to create a professional design and photography for brochures and booklets to make your product stand out. Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

Illustration and Book Publishing

Our team has a vast experience in books illustration and  publishing. Our projects include design and  illustration of children books, historical catalogs and magazines. 

Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

Development of Catalogs, Booklets

Design and layout of catalogs, corporate publications, booklets. Personalized approach. Affordable pricing. Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

Creative Photography

We will create an atmospheric shoots of you and your loved ones. Let us handle everything: from developing a unique creative idea to providing all necessary props and photo equipment. 

Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

Male and Female Photography

Let your personality shine though your portrait. Our photographer Den Batuev will guide you through this creative process and help you feel comfortable in opening up your heart and soul to the camera.

Call us: 305 930 0345 to request more info.

“Rabbit Hole” Photo Studio, Lower Manhattan, New York

We provide different services for amateur and professional photographers. From renting our studio for your personal photoshoot, to hiring us to do it for you or even inviting you to attend our workshops. We provide all the necessary equipment: from cameras, lights, drop downs as well as offering make up services. You can rent our studio 27/4. We are conveniently located near subway lines: L, F, 6.

Customer feedback

«Many thanks for the brochure, patience and, in the end, an excellent result!!» - Elena S. "PTE Ltd"


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